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[col class=”span3″]Events planning

Event Planning

Anyone can order materials, secure housing and promote a competition. AT OTRT, we apply a more holistic approach by satisfying event objectives while meeting the needs of event-goers. We’ll ask the challenging questions upfront and propose a solution that resembles the makings of a professional business plan!

[col class=”span3″]Process Optimization

Process Optimization

One of the easiest ways to reduce expenses or improve experience is to evaluate processes.  We have an eye for identifying the functions that suggest an opportunity for refinement and increased efficiencies.

[col class=”span3″]Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Many people will offer to create a logo, design a flyer or send an email. Our strength is combining these disparate pieces to build a complete marketing strategy and measure results.  We focus on your brand identity and get your message in front of the right people, using the right vehicle – at the right time.

[col class=”span3″]staff recruitment

Staff Recruitment

Your event is only as good as the people responsible for the execution. With our long-standing relationships and wide network, we address the systemic issues of recruitment: lack of expertise and inadequate numbers. We can assist with volunteers, officials, area specialists, vendors and much more.


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